PC Matic Phone Number

More than just an antivirus program PC Matic offers all-round device protection by offering features like junk cleaning, performance optimization, adblocking, etc. The product is acclaimed for all its characteristics and consequently has garnered millions of users all around the globe. What’s more that you get with this software is the excellent customer support for all the related issues. Anytime, any issue arises while working with it, you can contact PC Matic customer service for the solution.

The PC Matic technical executives hold expertise in solving all the issues and queries of the customers. You can easily contact these executives by calling on PC Matic customer support number. Give a call on this number now and keep you device protected from different possible threats.

How to contact PC Matic Customer support?

From support forum to ticket submission to phone number, there are different ways to seek help of the experts for your PC Matic related issues. Depending on what suits you the most, you can opt for any of the available methods and get the resolution to your problems. The different ways in which you can reach the PC Matic customer service or all your issues are provided below.

Ticket Submission

You can easily submit a ticket regarding the issue you are having with your PC Matic software. For submission of ticket what you need to do is visit the PC Matic support page and fill out a simple form. Users will get the response to their queries in less than one business day. Follow the steps given below to get help by ticket submission.

  • Visit the official website of PC Matic www.pcmatic.com and select the version of PC Matic you are using, personal or business.
  • For personal version, go to ‘support’ and select ‘comments/ feedback’ from the drop-down menu.
  • For business version, go to ‘support’ and select ‘contact support’ from the drop-down menu.
  • You can also directly go to the official page www.pcmatic.com/support/#/support-form (for personal use) or www.pcmatic.com/support/#/business-support-form (for business use).
  • A PC Matic technical support form will appear on the screen.
  • In this form, you will be asked to provide details like first name, last name, email address, phone number, order id (optional) and message (the query you are facing).
  • After providing the information into the form, click on the ‘submit’ button to successfully submit your ticket.
  • The PC Matic customer service team members will reach out to you on the email address or phone number provided in the support form.

PC Matic support forum/ support page

The other way to get help for PC Matic related problems is through the support page. On the PC Matic customer support page the users can already find the solutions to different basic PC Matic issues. You can access the PC Matic support page by following the links www.pcmatic.com/support/ or www.pcpitstop.com/support/.

On the forum, you can browse to see the solutions for different issues that arise while using PC Matic. But if you don’t find the solution for the problem that you are facing, you can click on the link ‘my issue is not here!’ and then submit the form that appears on the screen. The customer executives will contact you back once your form is submitted successfully.

PC Matic Customer Helpline Number

Now comes the most convenient way through which one can avail the support for their issues related to PC Matic. The best and most preferred by ways opted by a large number of users is PC Matic customer service number. What makes this support method the best are the fact that this support is instant and is available 24 hours a day. Doesn’t matter it is day or night, you can always give a call on this number and seek assistance to fix your issues. Calling on this number connects you with the experts who with their in-depth experience can fix almost every PC Matic issue. What you need to do is simply dial the PC Matic customer support helpdesk number and explain your issues to the professional assigned to you.

Other Methods of Support

Other ways in which the customers can find the solution to their PC Matic issues are given as:

  1. User guide: Help regarding different PC Matic issues such as installation problem, scan-related issues, etc can be found in this PC Pitstop user guide.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions: Different issues arising with PC Matic along with their solutions are provided in the form of questions and answers on the FAQ page www.pcmatic.com/company/faq.asp. The FAQs are sorted into different categories so that users can easily find the solution they are looking for. If the solution is not found on this page, you can always seek support through other means.
  3. How-to videos: The customers can find many videos relating to different PC Matic issues like login issues, installation issues, etc. In case what you are looking for is not available here, you can give a call on PC Matic technical support phone number.

Different Ways in Which PC Matic Tech Support Can Help

Now that you have seen how to reach the PC Matic customer service, let us have a look at the different ways in which the expert technicians at the customer service end can help you with your issues.

  • A large number of issues that are faced by the PC Matic users on a frequent basis can be fixed by the experts.
  • Help you keep your system functioning as new by making most of PC Matic software.
  • Provide you tips on how to keep your PC free from threats and boost its performance.
  • Offer instant solution to all your queries without asking you to call again and again.
  • Assist you with installation, re-installation, up gradation, working etc of the PC Matic software.
  • Provide technical as well as non-technical support for the different issues related to PC Matic.
  • Explain to you the different features and applications of PC Matic so that you get the most benefit of using this software.
  • In case you don’t want to use PC Matic anymore help for uninstalling this software will also be provided by the experts.

Benefits of Reaching PC Matic Customer Service

Although the major benefits of contacting PC Matic technical support have been discussed already, below here are given the summarized advantages that the customers will get.

  • Expert solutions for all your problems
  • Support and technicians available round the clock
  • Solution based on the complexity of the problem
  • Call waiting time almost negligible
  • Facility of remote desktop support also available
  • Instantaneous solution for every problem
  • Solution on the very first call